JACNIQUE...sensationally soulful, jazzy, sultry siren. 2014 Artist In Music Award nominee for "Best Jazz Artist."  2013 Los Angeles Music Awards nominee for “Jazz Artist of The Year”.  2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, in the genre of Jazz, for her song, “Sunrise”.   2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, in the genre of Jazz, for her song, “Rise In Love”.  2011 winner of 2 Black Music Awards, "Best Neo-Soul Artist" and "Best Urban Soul Artist". 2011 Los Angeles Music Awards winner, Producer's Choice "Jazz Album of The Year". (Previous Producer's Choice winners include No Doubt, The Black Eyed Peas, System of A Down and Sugar Ray).

It was once said that, “only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things”. The very essence of that statement is reflected in the mind, body, soul, and music of Jacnique Harris-Love. Known to her fans simply as Jacnique (pronounced Zsa’nique).
This sensual, soulful songstress embodies all the qualities of a natural superstar. She is an avid songwriter, pristine vocalist, sensational performer and a runway renaissance woman. With graceful elegance, seductive sensuality, sassy sophistication, and a truly beautiful voice that seems to trace the very beat of your heart; she sends her audiences into a hypnotic frenzy. Her sultry soul music represents a harmonic groove in a world full of ambient noise and sound. Jacnique does not get by on an image or any gimmicks, she is exactly the person you see & hear on stage. She eats, sleeps, and breathes the musical passion, vocal artistry, class, grace, beauty & essence of what it is to be Jacnique.    
Jacnique’s enchanting musical skills were developed early on in her life. From the age of 5 years old, those closest to her could see a prodigy in the making as she virtually mesmerized her family and peers with her God given talents. As a teenager, Jacnique joined a girl group called Ynturaj. Although she had some wonderful experiences with the group, it was not long before Jacnique realized that she no longer needed an entourage to solidify her presence as an artist. She then began making quite a name for herself on the Bay Area nightclub scene performing alongside well know jazz guitarist, Tony DeWayne. Soon after, she was gracing stages and receiving critical acclaim from Hollywood, CA to Las Vegas, NV and in her home town of San Francisco, CA.
Recently, Jacnique started her own independent record label and publishing company, SirenFire Music Works LLC and SirenFire Music Publishing LLC, initiating an introspective journey through the vehicle of song with the help of multi-genre music producer, Ricardo Love. Her award winning debut CD, “Trial By Fire”, continues to touch the hearts and souls of fans and critics all over the world with deeply moving songs such as
Believe In Love, Help Me, Let’s Go, This Kind of Blue and Trial By Fire. Not to disappoint her public, this dynamic diva has just put the finishing touches on her second CD entitled, “Rise In Love”. As a poignant and poetic songwriter, Jacnique puts her jazzy, sultry, smooth spin on her new compositions including, Rise In Love, Press Play, Zero To One Hundred and Audio Portrait. This project is an eclectic blend of smooth jazz, sultry soul, hot dance grooves and love songs. Please get ready for a taste of the home cooked meal she is preparing for a somewhat famished industry. Jacnique represents the epitome of artistry. She personifies everything that is femininity, sensuality, gracefulness, vocal excellence, and everything that represents class. She masterfully combines all of these elements to create her own cleverly blended artistic brew that intoxicates audiences wherever she performs. If it is truly passion that elevates the soul to great things, then Jacnique’s music and artistry are the product of that passion. Melodic, vocal elegance has finally found a symbol by which to be defined and that symbol goes by the name, JACNIQUE.